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Welcome to Willow Class!

Welcome to Willow Class – a perfect mix of super year 6s and fantastic year 5s!  

Ms O'Reilly is our class teacher.  Miss Best, Miss Nelson and Miss Winstanley are our lovely TAs.

Staff in Willow

Our topic for term 6 is Perplexing Poles.

We're working towards the big question: What evidence is there for climate change?

Our geography and science learning will also link with English work on persuasive writing.  Watch this space for our persuasive stop-motion animations with top tips for taking climate action!

We will also be recapping previous work on Marvellous Maps - making sure our map skills are the best they can be before the end of KS2.

Willow Class Orchestra

In February, Mrs Russ (our visiting music teacher) awarded the class a SHINE certificate for their teamwork as an orchestra. This is our class working together to play Beethoven's 5th Symphony on the glockenspiels. They followed the conductor and played their parts in groups, keeping time together. Mrs Russ and I were blown away by the results after only 10 minutes of practice! Watch this space for more musical accomplishments in the future...

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