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At St Christopher’s, we believe that children should be exposed to a wide range of experiences, cultures and styles within the Art curriculum, in order to allow children to express themselves freely when designing their own pieces. Our curriculum introduces a life-long appreciation, curiosity and enjoyment of the subject by encouraging children to experiment, invent and explore a diverse range of artistic styles. We also ensure our teaching introduces children to different artists from old masters to modern designers. Art at St Christopher’s teaches children different skills and gives children a real purpose by allowing them to showcase or share their skills. We aim to ensure that children leave our school feeling confident in their own abilities and with the language and emotional intelligence to investigate a variety of different artistic styles.

Art and Design Skills Progression

Sketchbooks - visual notes - Year 1/2

Sketchbooks - visual notes - Year 3/4

Painting with Scissors - Year 3/4

Sketchbooks - visual notes - Year 4/5

Set Design - Year 4/5

Activism Art - Year 5/6

Art Week 2022