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Eco Committee 2022 - 2023


Congratulations to Isla, Emilia, Lana, Elise, Joshua, Noah, Dom, Alana, Ned, Amelia, Amelia and Oliver who are our fantastic new Eco Warriors this year!

Eco Display Board

Eco Big Brekky and Pre-Loved Uniform Sale

We had a wonderful morning on Thursday 25th May! We had a Big Brekky at school so parents and carers could come and join us for chat about our Eco work this year. We also collected and sold (small donation) pre-loved uniform as part of our reduce, reuse and recycle policy. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and having some yummy food!

Eco Committee's Assembly on Littering

We enjoyed presenting a whole school assembly on littering. We explained the consequences of littering and what we can do to prevent it from happening. We also discussed our Littering Monitors and updated children on our progress with our Action Plan. 

Tree planting and caring for the pond

We've been busy again this week (w/c 1st May) with planting some trees and checking the pond is in tip top condition! Big thanks again to Mrs Brownjohn and Mrs Hobbs for all their hard work. 


Today (20/04) we managed to get outside and check how our Biodiversity project is developing. We counted:

x1 Butterfly box

x5 Bug hotels

x11 Bird boxes

x2 Bird baths

x6 Bird feeders

x3 Hedgehog houses

x1 Squirrel feeder


We're also growing about 2 metres squared of meadow and wildflower grass and we're in the process of planting 10 trees including: pine, Japanese plum, hazlenut and buddleia.


We're really excited with how it's all developing!


The Big Pond Clean

We were very happy to have help from the wonderful Mrs Brownjohn and a group of volunteers with cleaning the pond out and getting it nicely ready for the Spring! 

The Great Big British Spring Clean


On the 30th and 31st March, we spent time in our school grounds and local village community picking litter. Our younger school members helped to do gardening, weeding and putting out bird feeders to support our biodiversity in the school grounds. 


We had a fabulous day on Thursday 2nd February! Everyone looked amazing in their badger coloured clothes! We enjoyed doing our whole school assembly in the morning to explain all about our Biodiversity project and the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire Wildlife Trust. 

We were thrilled to receive lots of donations such as:
- bird feeders, bird seed, fat balls, mealworms,
- seeds, bulbs or plants to support bees and butterflies,

We raised an amazing £145 for our charity and are so pleased!

Introducing Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust

The Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts working across the UK to restore nature and reconnect people with the natural world around them. We have a vision of more nature everywhere.



Meeting 08/09/2022


Our first meeting of the year was to discuss getting new recruits to our team and how we were going to set up the Eco Committee for the year. We talked about the process for gaining a Green Flag and what we will need to do in meetings and at school.


Meeting 13/10/2022


We had a great meeting in which we completed our Environmental Review. The questions induced lots of discussions and ideas for how to improve school.

Our three areas to work on will be:

  • Litter
  • Energy
  • Biodiversity


Our strongest area was School Grounds which we were really pleased about. 


We're all looking forward to now writing our Action Plan and starting with our projects after half term. 


Meeting 17/11/2022


During this meeting we discussed our Action Plan and made decisions on key areas to work on plus a timeline. You can see our Action Plan below.


We're super excited about starting our plan now. We're going to begin with choosing our Energy and Littering monitors and making posters for the school.


Meeting 15/12/2022


We met today to re-visit our Action Plan and discuss our next steps. We have made some exciting plans for next term, including:

  • A fundraising day for a wildlife charity and school so that we can start our biodiversity project.
  • A whole school assembly to discuss littering plus introduce our anti-littering posters and bin monitors.
  • Deciding on Energy and Littering Monitors in each class.
  • Being part of the Keep Britain Tidy 'Great Big British Spring Clean' in March and what we will be doing.


We're really looking forward to coming back to school in January and starting our projects!


Meeting 12/01/2023


Today we started work on posters and information for our fund raising day that is coming up this term. We have decided to ask for donations to improve the biodiversity in the school grounds.


We will ask for:

  • Bird feeders, bird food, bat boxes and bird baths.
  • Seeds and bulbs for re-wilding.
  • Plants that are good for bees and butterflies.
  • Vegetable seeds/plants and fruit trees.


Some of the children also started work on our assembly which is at the end of term and all about our charity day.


Meeting 01/02/2023


Today we practised our assembly which is all about our charity day. We have added in some important questions about how the Wildlife Trust vision links to our own school vision and values. We also made she we knew the plan for the day and we talked about how we will be organising the Bake Sale for the end of the day too.


Meeting 03/03/2023


We had a very positive meeting today where we discussed our participation in The Great Big British Spring Clean. We also discussed our pledge to collect 30 bags of litter and the children expressed that they would like to do an assembly on litter on this day. 

Secondly, we discussed our Eco Code and started to plan out our promises such as to:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Protect and care for wildlife and nature
  • Save water and energy
  • Pick up any litter we see
  • Encourage other people to be eco aware.

We are in the planning stages and would like to link our Eco Code to our school Vision and Values.


Meeting 30/03/2023

Welcome to Alana to our Eco Team! We're really pleased to have you on our committee.

Today we met to finalise our Eco Code and assess where we are with our Action Plan. We wrote up our Eco Code and made copies for all the classrooms and our Eco Display board. We have a few points to work on next term:

  • Posters for anti littering and saving energy.
  • Finishing biodiversity work.

Secondly, we discussed an up-coming event (second hand uniform sale) and decided on a date for next term.


Meeting 20/04/2023

Today we had a super meeting where we monitored how our Biodiversity project is developing (see above) and then we discussed our up-coming event for our second hand uniform sale. We feel quite positive with where we are and hope to apply for our Green Flag very soon!


Meeting 04/05/2023

We met today to review the last stages of our application and check our littering assembly was finished and ready to present. We also went to check the pond was doing well and on our newly planted trees. We spoke to our School Business Manager and Mrs Hobbs about the ways we have made the school more energy efficient this year and looked at some energy bills to see if we were saving energy compared to last year.


Meeting 18/05/2023

We practised our assembly on littering today to be ready for next week. We also checked we were happy that everything is ready for our Big Brekky and Second Hand uniform sale next week. We managed to get a nice picture of all of us together and finally checked our Eco display board was up to date. 


Action Plan