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Miss Freyja Langford                                                           The class teacher is supported by:

                                                                                            Mrs Louisa Shutie and Mrs Alison Wymbs




The curriculum is all the planned activities which we organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also the curriculum guarantees we as a school provide to develop the independence and responsibility of all of our pupils. We ensure that all children have a broad, balanced and relevant education which provides continuity and progression and takes individual differences into account. We aim to teach our pupils how to grow into positive, responsible people, who can work and co-operate with others while developing knowledge and skills, so that they achieve their full potential.



Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Map

Viking Knowledge Organiser

Guided Reading - Odd and the Frost Giants

We focused on different front covers and the blurb to gather initial thoughts.

Harvest Artwork

We all worked together to create this lovely landscape.

Vidar the Boy-Warrior

We acted out the scenes and plotted graphs to show key aspects of the story.

Digestive System Models

We can now identify the key parts of the Digestive System!

Our Amazing Problem Solving!

Frog and Lilypad Challenge!



Class Story


The school uses a closed private social media site, Class Dojo, to message and share pictures of the children’s learning story. If you are a parent of a child in the class, please follow this link: and login using the credential provided by the school.