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Spiritual Group

"The school's vision shapes the way spiritual development is promoted throughout the community." SIAMS 2023 

Worship from the Spirituality Team

Our Definition of Spirituality 

"Spirituality is not something we can see or touch - it is something we feel inside ourselves. It is about awe and wonder and taking the time to stop and reflect and focus on the world God has created for us. It is about serving and caring for others and letting the light within us shine to the world around us".

Reverse Advent Calendar

During the Advent period, Spirituality Group organised a Reverse Advent Calendar to help collect food for people in need during the Christmas period. They have collected a large amount of food and will be donating it all to the Witney Foodbank. 

Spirituality Garden 

The children have been working hard to develop the spirituality garden. This space is designed with beautiful smelling and looking plants. This garden enables the children to connect with nature as well as the world beyond. 

Spirituality at Forest School

The children enjoyed discussing spirituality as the sun poured in through the trees. "I feel blessed to be in forest school". As a class we talked about how the fresh air and sunlight make us feel. 

Spirituality Group is made up of children from years 2 and 3. We meet on a weekly basis and discuss how we can make a difference to our school from a spiritual perspective. We have discussed what spirituality means to us and how we can explain this to the school. We have explained spirituality as liking it to a 'holey/holy' doughnut. The hole in the middle of the doughnut cannot be seen but we know it is there. Just like the 'holy doughnut' our spitituality cannot be seen but we know and feel it within us. At our recent 'Vision Day' we explained this to all classes and everyone enjoyed the doughnuts!


Children enjoying 'holy doughnuts'.

Children enjoying 'holy doughnuts'.


As a group we have discussed how spirituality cannot be seen but how spending time with God can improve how we and others feel. We have lots of exciting plans for our school such as a 'spiritual garden', so watch this space for more information!