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Hello, my name is Justine Best and I am the ELSA at St Christopher's CE primary school. 


What an ELSA is....

 A trained member of staff who plans and delivers sessions to support your children to develop their emotional literacy in the following areas:


  •  Awareness of own and other people's emotions. 
  • Development of social interaction skills. 
  • Management of stress, grief, anger and conflict. 
  • Maintaining friendships. 
  • Promotion of a realistic self-concept and good self-esteem. 
  • And many more....



      What do ELSA sessions look like.....


  •  ELSA sessions are often 1:1 with pupils who have been referred by the teacher but sometimes run group sessions as well.
  • ELSA sessions focus on activities to develop skills in specific areas. 
  • The sessions often last for 30 minutes and for around 6-12 sessions. 
  • The ELSA will set a specific target for each pupil to focus on. 



    If you feel your child may need ELSA support please contact the class teacher for a referral. 




Justine Best - ELSA