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English (including reading and phonics)


At St Christopher’s, we aim for our children to SHINE as communicators.  Our vision is that every child in our school will:

  • Develop a lifelong love of reading;
  • Become independent and reflective readers who can read fluently and for meaning;
  • See themselves as a writer and celebrate their success;
  • Be able to reflect on, edit and publish their own work;
  • Understand the purpose, audience and forms of writing;
  • Develop a wide vocabulary;
  • Be able to select appropriate word choice, sentence structure and text form for effect;
  • Develop resilience as independent writers;
  • Develop confidence speaking and communicating in a wide variety of situations and to a range of different audiences;
  • Understand the relevance of literacy skills to themselves and their lives;
  • Enjoy their English lessons!